Nice project

Apr 6, 2010 at 6:46 AM
Hi all I'm a Research Associate at University of Victoria and working currently on a candidate gene pipeline. I just found out about this project last week and I'm very pleased to hear that we get some nice bioinformatics support in dotNet. I wished I had MBF available 1 and 1/2 years ago. I almost did everything by myself, what comes now in convenient package with MBF (newick / fasta format support, connecting ebi WS, custom BLAST WS,....) When I started my current project, everything has to run on a Mac as well and I was lucky that Silverlight came around at this time. And here my first criticism. Why is MBF not compiled against the Silverlight 4 runtime which allows to load the assembly also in the full CLR? Platform independence is a key point in bioinformatics and MBF should be open as possible. One or two years down the road maybe Moonlight catches up to SL and we get the Linux platform as well. I would love to utilize MBF in some projects but I don't wanna ad #if SILVERLIGHT statement again and again for each release of MBF. What do you think?? Thanks Jan
Apr 8, 2010 at 4:50 PM

Hi Jan,

We've been away at a conference, so sorry for the slow reply. 

At the time we started the MBF work we wanted to leverage parts of the CLR that were not available in Silverlight so we concentrated there.  With the current focus on stabilization and code quality for the v1 release, I don't think we can revisit that decision without impacting the testing matrix and the deliverable date.  Intuitively we believe in leveraging the Silverlight environment, when it makes sense.  And taking some time after the first release to understand the costs, benefits, and value to the MBF community makes sense to me.  Assuming we are able to stick with the current schedule, we will be opening up discussions for MBF 'next steps' to the larger community in the June/July timeframe.  We would welcome a discussion then and any concrete proposals that make MBF more useful and BioInformatic developers more productive.  If you have tried to compile MBF against the Silverlight libs and do know of any issues that currently exist that makes MBF incompatible w/ Silverlight 4, I'd be happy to learn of them now, but no promises until we get v1.0 performance up, stablized, documented and out the door.

Thanks for the comments.