How can bioinformaticist become more involved?

Jul 23, 2010 at 3:53 PM
Hello MBF Developers, Now that there is a release of MBF v1, what should we professional bioinformaticist be doing to become more involved with this project? I have a number of C# applications that I am intending to port to MBF (oh, to retire my beautiful fasta parser), but beyond that and following this board is there anything else we can be doing? Thanks, Rich
Jul 23, 2010 at 7:57 PM

Hello Rich,

 Thanks for the query. Right now we are in the middle of planning for v2 and there are SO many things where we would love any participation you’d care to give.

 The first thing I’d suggest is what you already intend to do. Please use the current library in ‘real’ situations and post any feedback you have (suggestions and/or fixes desired, bug reports requested, and constructive criticisms encouraged). It is all fair game. Discussions on the site about what you are doing will help others learn what is possible. Questions on how to do ‘x’ will encourage others to engage by answering. Comments that the docs are not clear on subject ‘x’ and can be improved by doing ‘y’. All the above will make the project better.

 Once you are done with your port, we want to help you make those BioInformatic tools you are producing available to others. The more tools and capabilities that we as a group make available to the Biologist the more impact we provide, so we will be working to raise awareness of what capabilities are available from the MBI community too. We are not yet sure how to go about all this and I think we are very open to suggestions. 

Finally, while I think doing something ‘real’ with V1 is a great starting point, you can also join in on V2. Right now we are planning.  We want to take the feedback from V1 and enhance V2, so the sooner we get that feedback above the better J . Additionally we will be brainstorming and working out new scenarios we want to support and accomplish in V2 over the next couple of weeks. If you have a scenario you’d care to suggest for V2, please start a thread and we can refine and develop the scenario online together.  Some things in preliminary discussion include more general performance work, new file formatters and parsers, adding a development framework to support 'easy' distribution to a cluster for 'pleasingly parallel' code, routines for sequence data validation and statistics, better support for GWAS scenarios, and a 'raft' of other ideas.  Some are tools, some are features and we want to be pulling things together so we can deliver useful, meaningful, serious scenarios